1. Laura & Andreas

    Just catching up on what you have been up to. Great to see that you have “never settled” close to the Drakensberg Mountains. We are still hoping to come for a visit. What are the best months to be in your neck of the bush?

    Veganic garden….is there any other kind? Great to see that you are going for it! Lots of watermelons this year and the corn is taller than ever at our place! We have an awesome WWOOFer who will be with us through December this year.

    Does Pips still race around on the bed?

    We miss you two!!


    • Never Settle Logo

      Hey Laura and Andreas!
      Thanks for the comment! We miss you guys, your cats and your beautiful farm. We often talk about you and the memories we made there.
      The best time to come would probably be right now actually! It’s going into Spring now; not too hot, not too cold, not too much rain etc.
      Haha, actually, pretty recently, some goats found their way into our garden and ate every single thing we planted, in like 5 seconds. So we have to start again, haha.
      Pips still races around the bed, and sleeps on the bottom corner all night. He’s the best.
      How is is going there with your new WWOOFer?

      We miss you two too!

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