1. Laura Reichardt

    Great to see that you made it down to South America! I was afraid you might miss out on the opportunity. I hope to get down there someday. I love the photos of the colorful fishing boats, but the moonscape looks a bit too desolate for my liking. Did you get any photos of Lima? Where are you headed next?


    • Never Settle Logo

      Hey Laura!
      We did! We started in Peru, and so far we’ve been to Lima, Paracas, Ica (Huacachina), and right now we’re in Cusco.
      You really should do it. The people are great, there is a ton of great vegetarian food, and it is cheap. On dollars you will own this place, haha.
      No we weren’t really in Lima for that long, but it was more of a city-type place.
      Next we go to Arequipa, then we cross into Chile, where we’ll visit Arica, then Santiago, then Pucon. Then we go to Argentina, where we’ll only have a few days to see Mendoza and Buenos Aires.
      We are definitely coming back though because there is just way too much to see and do here.

      Good to hear from you! Hope you, Andreas and the cats are well.

  2. joanie

    I’m planning to visit paracas reserve by bike and I was wondering how long des it take you to do your bike trip?
    Do you think it’s possible to leave early in the morning from Lima, visit paracas reserve and then go to Huacachina to sandboarding?

    • Never Settle Logo

      Hi Joanie! Thanks for the comment.
      We stayed in Paracas and just hired bikes for the day, and we spent most of the day cycling around. It only took us probably 20 mins or so to get to the national park gate from Paracas.
      I think it would take multiple days to cycle from Lima to the Paracas reserve – it’s about 300km! And then it is about 85km from Paracas to Huacachina. I would advice breaking that trip up if going by bicycle? Unless you’re talking about motorbike?

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