Some links we think you might find interesting or useful:

Cape Electric Tattoo – Cape Town, South Africa
Couchsurfing – Stay with locals for free
Country Muesli – Pete’s Mom’s muesli business
Davey Du Plessis – Raw vegan adventurer
David Milton – Artist
Don’t Have a Cow – Pete’s vegan baking business
Duolingo – Learn languages
Evil Greed – German-based distro
Forkin Vegan – Australian-based vegan blog and ‘zine
Handstyle Tattoos – Johannesburg, South Africa
Happy Cow – Find the nearest cruelty-free eating spots near you, wherever you are in the world
Herbivore Earthfoods – Our good friend Chanel’s healthy snacks company
Hunter Cycling – Johannesburg, South Africa
Knit Together Photography
Legends Arising – Netherlands-based hardcore blog
Look Media – Ojai, CA, USA – based media company
Plant Café – Cape Town, South Africa
WWOOF USA – Volunteer on organic farms in the US
Woodstock Cycleworks – Cape Town, South Africa
Xavier Briel – Cape Town based photographer