About Us

We are just two South African traveling vegans.

We left beautiful Cape Town at the end of 2014 to go backpacking around the world as vegans and on the smallest budget ever. This blog serves to document our insights, adventures and misadventures, reviews and vegan recipes. Hope you enjoy it. Here’s the motivation behind it: http://neversettle.co.za/making-a-change/

Let the adventure begin!

More about Cara, by Pete:
Cara has the biggest sense of wanderlust I have ever known. Adventure is everything to her. She is a super creative person, often creating beautiful photographs and illustrations. She doesn’t have much of a comfort zone, and so constantly challenges mine. She is probably the main motivation behind Never Settle, and she constantly pushes me to be brave and take chances. Her positivity and compassion is infectious, as anyone who has met her will back me up on. Also, those eyes. Dayum.

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More about Pete, by Cara:
This guy has the biggest freaking heart. He has taught me so much about true compassion and inspired me to live a vegan lifestyle. Pete is a jack of all trades with many talents in web design, graphic design, illustration, drumming, skating and many others. He has looked after us so well and provided us with plenty of opportunities to explore and travel. He knows what’s important in life and he cares about a great deal. He has an awesome collection of tattoos, books and records. He knows how to make me laugh and he has my heart.

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